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Amaryl M 1mg Tablet (Metformin/Glimepiride)


($0.3 per tablet)
($0.28 per tablet)
($0.27 per tablet)
($0.26 per tablet)
($0.24 per tablet)
Active ingredient



Dosage Form



Type 2 diabetes


Sanofi India Limited


15 tablet sr in 1 strip

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1 review for Amaryl M 1mg Tablet (Metformin/Glimepiride)

  1. Greco Ola

    Managing diabetes has become much more straightforward with Amaryl M 1mg Tablet. The dual-action formula with the 1mg strength is effective, and I’ve experienced quick relief from fluctuations in blood sugar. Amaryl M is easy to incorporate into my daily routine, making it an essential part of my diabetes care. This medication works almost too well.

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