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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a men’s health condition, in which, an adult male faces troubles with either achieving or maintaining his erection. Due to the current lifestyle trends and increased stress levels, more men suffer from the condition. ED can be attributed to a lot of physical and psychological reasons that could cause ED. There is an array of erectile dysfunction drugs on the market today that can be administered to treat ED. However, one should consult a urologist before ingesting the erectile dysfunction drugs. The Urologist would go through a detailed medical examination to confirm ED and identify its reasons.

The detailed medical examination would help the doctor understand your lifestyle choices, working habits, physical activity, sexual activity and any pre-existing medical conditions. The examination is done through a detailed questionnaire, physical examination, mental health and psychological evaluation, and lab tests (if required). The different evaluations help the urologist in narrowing down the reasons for your condition. Depending on the intensity of the condition and the reasons identified, a suitable treatment plan is prescribed.

The treatment of ED can be done solely by using medicines such as Viagra, Cialis, Stendra and Levitra, which are prescribed by a doctor to treat ED. One can easily get these ED pills online, however, these drugs should be ingested in potencies as recommended by your urologist. In addition to medicines, the urologist might suggest some lifestyle changes, therapy to counter stress or depression, exercises and/or physical activity, keeping a tab on your mental health, sleep patterns, etc. The urologist will suggest the best plan depending on the severity of your condition. The key here is to be open about every aspect of your life with your doctor.

One thing to take care of while ingesting ED pills is to take them according to your doctor’s recommended potency and dosage. These pills work by relaxing the muscles and blood vessels in the bladder and prostate region, thereby improving the blood flow in the penis. This aids in achieving and maintaining the erection to have satisfactory intercourse. However, these ED pills do have some common and serious side effects. One should be careful to go through the side effects and any drug interaction that these pills might have that could affect you seriously. Therefore, sharing your medical details and history with your urologist holds utmost importance.

Erectile Dysfunction can lead to depression and dissatisfaction in personal life. It can even result in loss of self-confidence, thereby affecting both the personal and professional life of an individual. It is better to get medical help as early as possible. A consulting doctor can help you in identifying the reasons and thereby treating the condition as soon as possible. There are situations when ED is induced due to depression, stress or lack of self-confidence and at other times ED can induce feelings of self-worthlessness. In a nutshell, ED can disrupt an individual’s life if the right steps are not taken or the condition is not approached with the right attitude or mindset.

Another key element to counter ED is to be open with your partner, for your partner to be supportive of your condition. In case your partner is suffering from the condition try to be supportive in all spheres to counter the condition. A few things that a couple could do if the male counterpart is suffering from erectile dysfunction are –

  • Go to the doctor, mental health professionals or therapist together
  • Keep a positive rhythm
  • Do your research
  • Keep tabs on habits such as – drugs, alcohol, smoking, sleep, etc.
  • Keep negative thoughts at bay
  • Keep the motivation high

One should be open to treating their condition together with a urologist. Once the doctor prescribes the treatment plan, you can buy ED pills such as generic Viagra online. The doctor would generally start with the lowest potency. Based on your response – improvements or side effects, the dosage or potency would be altered with time. The potency of the drugs administered also depends on the age, any other medical conditions and/or ongoing medication that the patient is under.

ED has a cure, it is a temporary condition when given due attention and care, therefore do not treat it as a taboo! Be proactive in your approach to treat erectile dysfunction and regain your self-confidence.